Concert Stage (3D, Object)

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Concert Stage

Create your own light show and put who you want on
this Stage
All video can be replaced very quickly by Drag & Drop, the project is well

All lights was tracked on the stage and are ready to use with Optical Flare
from Video Copilot.
You can take full control for color and position. You can manage too all
elements like smoke and Podium.
The template is completly modular with unlimited placeholders and can be used for video clip,
presentation, birthday or anything you want.


  • Unlimited
  • Full HD
  • Control setting for roof light, lazer &
    stage light (Intensity, colors & position)
  • Control setting  for  Elements
    (Smoke (intensity+color) & Podium)
  • Control setting for Automatic Light (speed,
    color & position)
  • Control setting for xx Visual Effects
    precomposed & ready to be used by checkbox and cursor)
  • Position Controler  for Dancers,
    singers ,& Musicians
  • 1Central Screeners +  2 screeners
    splitted inside (1 medium and 1 little)
  • 2 Big TV
  • 4 panels splitted for display in full
    screen or used in individual

Package Content:

  • 1 Video
    for Opener
  • 7 FX Pre
  • 1 Stage 3D Model splitted to reduce the
    polygons number
  • 1 Sound
    Wall 3D Model
  • 1 Micro 3D
  • 1 Marshall
    Amplification 3D Model
  • 5 Audio Sample (Storm, 2 Applause, 2
  • 1 Crowds
    Footage Looped
  • 1 Smoke
    Atmosphere  footage
  • 1 Fumigene
  • 1 Fire
  • 1 Dust
  • 1 Video


Caution  : The Musics, the peoples on the stage and the
man playing at drums are not included.



  • Musics can be downloaded Here & Here
  • The man Playing at drums Here
  • The woman is dancing Here
  • Band & Singer from Ben Hur Chanel Here
    (special thanks to benhur for
    authorizing the broadcast)


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