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Locksmith WP – A premium WordPress Theme for Locksmith locker repair, handyman, construction and contracting service providers with nationwide location option.

This Responsive Locksmith responsive WordPress theme
having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be a unique Locksmith and handyman industries.

For building projects or locksmith emergency services you need an excellent theme that is well designed, this locksmith theme is designed for general contractors included main contractor and prime contractors that is suitable for management of vendors and trades.

Who can use this handyman wordpress theme?

This theme is perfect for all those companies who are involved in locksmith, hvac, garage door repair services, construction, contractors, plumbing, roofing, cleaning, moving industries

This handyman wordpress theme has landing pages for residential, commercial and automotive locksmith contractors and construction companies

If you are a locksmith contractor or a handyman, pool cleaning service and you want to generate more leads for your business, Locksmith website will work as a lead generating landing page because of very attractive form on the home page.

This HTML website template is absolutely nice and easily convertible for the contractors who work in locksmith, HVAC Air conditioning plant installation, Plumbing services, Water pooling cleaning, Heating and Cooling Repair and Installation, Electrician Services, Gas repair and Installation, other construction & handyman, heating and cooling related services. This lead generating web page not only comes with the Form but it has also click through button that can be hyperlinked to any external page.

Nice Header Options
“Locksmith” template has an extravaganza header layout to choose the from. Each of the form has its own uniqueness and set of options that allow you to customize it and to fit at your site design.

Add Company Info Top bar
Locksmith introduced a narrating service at the very top of the site called the “Top Bar”. Here you can add your company info like address, email, phone etc.

Header Top bar Enable Disable
Now you can enable or disable your top bar according to your design requirements. LocksmithWP offer you in the theme to its user that one can hide or show the top bar in just one click.

Hide Show Hover me on the logo
You can hide and show hover me area with one click at the logo. If you do not want to display your company`s information at top, this feature may help you to hide your info card.

Breadcrumbs Enable – Disable
Breadcrumbs settings have vast experience to make multiple options, e.g. changing in color and make them enable or disable.

Social Icons Enable – Disable
Locksmith connects to your social media efficiently. You can show your social media icons at your site to connect with your audience, also if you does not want to display your social media icons, Locksmith WP have option to disable this option.

Navigation Background Unlimited Color Change
Lockers has an option to customize the navigation background color with ease. It allows you to change the color of navigation with color picker in theme option.

Navigation Background with Transparency
Transparent background in navigation gives your theme more appealing look with the trendy and new design. It looks good on banner and you can modify it with your requirements.

Navigation Text Unlimited Color Change
This Industry Theme include a very useful option in the theme for customization of navigation text colors. You can easily change the menu text and dropdown text color.

Search Function Hide Show
You can easily modify the search bar on the menu with theme options. You can hide or display the search section with just one click.

Social Icon Background Color, Text Color and Font Family Can be changed
Lockers have multiple options in theme. You can easily modify the theme icons backgrounds, color, text color and change the font family.

Business Card / Info Card on Logo
Locksmith WordPress Theme has a beautiful and informative business card on hover logo. You can add your contact info and logo in this card.

Add Social Icons on Business Card
Lockers Contractor’s Theme business card has social icons for website users. Visitors can easily access your social media page from your info card.

Add phone number on business card
Info card has a business phone number for visitors. It helps to grow your business and increase leads. You can modify it as per your requirements.

Display Address on business card
Address is a main part of any business, you can add a business address on Industrial Theme business card. It also offers you to customize it in theme option.

Social Icons on business card hide / show
Industrial Theme has an option to hide and show the social media icons on business card. You can change the icon and links from theme options.

Cool Sliders
Locksmith contain on multiple industry sliders. You can use any of slider for your industry.

Video Slider
Locksmith has a video slider option where you can add your work video for visitor’s engagement.

Estimation Form
Responsive theme has a stylish lead generating estimation form which increase your business leads.

Service Style Slider
You can show your business services with stylish ad trendy Construction service style slider.

Change Font Family of Contents
You can change the font style of all contents like heading, paragraphs and info text etc.

New and elegant service section
You can use an elegant and stylish service section with smooth and clean CSS3 effects.

Multiple location finder
You can easily add multiple business locations on website to display your customers.

Location On map
You can add multiple Google maps location with high quality marker without any coding skills.

Roofer has a beautiful subscription form section and it helps you to engage with clients.

Featured Work
This section is very attractive for users because it developed with CSS3 animation effects.

Blog Post
This section is especially design for display blog or news posts with animation effects.

Set Price and Packages
You can add your services packages with beautiful pricing tables and easily modify it.

This theme has a clean and nice testimonials section for show the reviews about your business.

Display Categories
You can display your multiple business categories on your website with the help of this feature and alter it.

Multiple Widget add
You can add multiple widgets in the website side bar and footer section with simplicity.

Email Variables

Custom background 404 image
you can easily add custom background 404 images in 404 page.

Blog Global sidebar right / one column
Theme blog has multiple columns, right sidebar and full width layout options.

Nationwide Locations
Display your company’s locations if you have multiple companies on different locations
You can show your multiple cities business with their location on Google maps with markers.

Default Accent Colors
You can change your theme primary color in theme options with one click.

Text Color change
Construction Company WP Theme has an option to change the website text color in theme options.

Easily change color of top bar
You can change the color of top bar background, text color and icons color.

Social icon background color change
You can easily change the background color of social media icons with one click.

Navigation Background color change
You can change the background color from theme option with just one click.

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Cengiz Gören
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Cengiz Gören

Cengiz Gören bietet professionelle Gestaltung von Webseiten für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen, von einer kleinen Website bis hin zu Blogs, Shops,Facebook Seite oder Content Management Systemen (CMS) auf WordPress Basis. Mediadesign und Consulting