The Money Man (Corporate)

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This Full HD, CS5 or above AE Project contains 3 Pre rendered, QT PJPEG Loops.
Side walkcycle, Front Walkcycle loop, and Dance loop, all 4 seconds
It also contains a Fade in and out of the Money Man sequence (8 Sec Long)
However, within the sample project included, they’re color graded, multiplied and edited.

It’s merely a suggestion, you can re-use, duplicate, tweak & cut these as you see fit

Portray a company, or personal story, expressing richness, finance, business prosperity and wealth.
Since all files are pre-rendered contain an alpha, with basic AE skills you can use ANY background you’d want.
Music used in preview by Keith Fane is not included and can be purchased here:

Alpha channels for all 4 sequences!



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